The o on the keyboard stopped working and added o’s to all the other keys on the same row left from it
if I dnt cpy pastoe an oand odeloeotoe oall theo eoxtoroa ’s my meossageos lk like othois
A request for new writing techniques
More jumping o’s needed, as many o’s as drips of sweat in the city’s heatwave
I started making gestures on the tissue paper, sitting on the ground, leaning on the side of the bed
Which moves every night on the slippery wooden floor
I found out a couple of weeks ago that it is on wheels. What? Wheels?

                Leaning on the side of the bed I didn’t know where my back stopped and the bed began 
                Disslving all assuroanceos
                The mattress’ seams aligned with a spine, but only if there was not enough weight to make the wheels move the floor
                Numbing experiences of encounters when unsure what to do with them; freezing, to be defrosted when new compositions of words arrive. Transmission and reflection do not only become emergent forms, but also atototitoudeos
                When will it stop melting and start frosting?
                Carrying the nose in the pillow
                Folding the lip in the air
                shaken, waved, circled, but not wanting to hold on in order to notice it in the way so often asked for
                The gestures on the surface make no actual sense
                Everything around me lost a sense of sense

I only know textures and I certainly don’t know what I’m doing
As I was reading in the bathtub, I noticed how I always have to hold the text above my body because of the liquid surface dividing the wet and dry parts of my skin. This changes every gesture, every reading, for the water surface also becomes a reading surface. I am limited but enriched in my positions. Oh, how I wish I had the pluck to let the book slowly move into the water, let the tension tip into the appetite, let the pages change texture, let my positions reshape. 
Leot otheo pageos change its teoxtoures, olet my psitins reoshapeo 
A plastic bag wrapped around a tongue
opening a mouth and slowly tapping with a finger on it
tapping turns into circling
A plastic bag worapped arund a tngueo
spit coming from the mouth corners
slowly dripping on the bath tub water
Dripping turns into tapping
making circles in the water
Tapping on the water turns into the tap dripping
as it flips, it flows
The sound coming from the other mouth moves towards
but hisses and seethes underwater
The crisps of the tissue paper can be flattened with water
but please please no more humidity
The creases of the tissue can be stretched with heat
but please please no more sweaty slips
but opleoaseo pleoaseo n mroeo swoeoatoy slips
Even the thought of steam coming out of the pores of the iron makes skins crumble
Did you hear the sounds of the fingers tapping on the water turning into the tap dripping on the water?
Just like scratching a surface so the smell becomes more apparent
caring about every sheet, each mode
Cuts between utterances or gestures to mark elasticity 
Oh, such beautiful nuanced nostrils
A sensual shift, showing the seams of a surface
Storoing smeolls by drying flwoeoros in bks
The stutters, utterances, textures align, compliment, interweave, join, juxtapose, and overshadow each other continuously and repetitively until slowly falling apart and finding their new ways again like the seeds of a strawberry in the un-drunk last sip of a glass of juice.
Oh a dried petal and a strawberry seed
find your place on a papilla
Wet kisses, sloppy hugs, sweat dreams
For every pore a seed
Sugar in the folds of everybody’s and everything’s armpits
A pen holding the ink, sweat holding the fingers and the pen apart and keeping them together
“Your texts are too dense” they tell me
Oh did I already tell you the loss of the ‘o’ was because of a combination of humidity and dust?
Mist of particles accumulating, creeping, floating, dancing underneath the surface of the keyboard
A fictional reinvention of rhythms and gestures drawing and redrawing moment by moment
trembling textures
Fields of drying flowering and spitting seeding
Shimmering pores
planes interrelating, mirroring, interlocking
The seams flow realms, becoming multiple ones on the surface
just like scratoching tohe osurofaceo
Smudging all murmurings
A lot of wet tissues sensually waiting to approach or to be approached, changing the approaching methods of the approacher and the to-be-approached
The dried tissues remembering that not you, but the moment was the subject?