Investigation on how to approach a landscape by movements and words

16mm film with poem, screened in Topredo Theater, Amsterdam(NL) and used in installation in Sculpting Cinema End of the Year Show in NSCAD University, Halifax(CA)

I place myself from porch to porch
Should I tell you what I know?
You were already there

Should I tell you where I sweat?
It’s just a lot
I was wearing soap that I found in the bathroom cabinet
Surprised myself with the smell, because I was/h you
Every time I smelled I stayed there for a long time
I’ll brush my teeth and go my own way
Driving for hours, thinking of ways
I recite myself, because I know what they say
The more I think of framing, the less I measure
Amazed by my eyes, sun, and brea(d)th
Another word that rhymes with sweat
I’ll put my necklace in my mouth and my hand on my head
Thinking of a narrative, but hoping for a trembling
Trembling with two times A two times E
Should I tell you what I know?
You’ll tell me “yeah” 
Hah, blue like cloud or sea
Cliché like going to a chloride pool and taking a peach along
Necklace gold, blue, velour
As if I eat toast everyday and feed the fish
Sweating of thoughts, but peach juice and bathing suit
You were fond of me for a long time
The houses are attached to each other because of clouds
Two steps back and already melted together
The kiss of the architecture
I romanticise per hour
If I sing, will you record?
If I sing, will you pick up the phone?
I smell over the phone, you’re sweating
But it doesn’t matter, it gives me inspiration
I’m fooling you but you almost never notice
If we keep going like this, I’ll forget for free
Quick, let me buy some paper
In total there were three peaches and two boats
Write numbers T H R E E instead of three
And let the frame tremble
What’s the frequency of where I grew up?
F I VE  T H R E E  O O O  S E V E N



Installation with a plastic vacuum of a porch, a 16mm film and a poem in vinyl in Sculpting Cinema End of the Year Show in NSCAD University, Halifax(CA)