Collection of beds and thoughts when I didn’t have a house for two months.

Up, down, behind, in front, above, left, right; all the words I use to indicate where I am located in a space, to express how I relate to objects and other human beings around me. An orientation that can be cognitive or affective, but always to understand where I am. An orientation in order to gain a balance with the surrounding. Every space I enter I will perceive in a different way, based on motivations and past experiences.

When I see a new space for the first time, I will observe the objects and the relations between objects separately. I will recognize geometric patterns and based on this information my brain creates abstract spaces in my mind. Together with the sensory perceptions I constitute a mental image. That can be either as a ‘photograph’ when I get a question about the colour of the walls, or as a ‘movie’ when I try to memorize a conversation about the colour of the walls.

I lie in bed and try to recollect all my former sleeping places. With my eyes closed I can exactly imagine how my bed, from years ago, was placed in relation to the window, closet and door. All these mental images form an archive, which I take along when I meet with a new bedroom. When I didn’t have a house for the last two months, I slept in a different bed every night. Instead of remembering, I made an eight second film each night of the bed I was going to sleep in, storing it as a digital archive. In every space I would always recognize that rectangular shape and the walls around it. That oh so well known object and the actions I executed every night to prepare to lie down for several hours straight.