Audio tour (50m56s) hosted with recordings on the subjects of placement, movement and context where participants where driven through the landscape of Nova Scotia (CA) for as long as the audio lasted. Afterwards a possibility for all participants to join in a conversation about the subjects and experience. (all documentation by participants)

00:00 intro
06:39 city full of skies
07:38 framing the landscape
11:04 walking the landscapes
12:46 recording your recording
13:54 from porch to porch
16:42 the more I frame, the less I measure
18:32 the endless corridor
23:26 a folding chair
26:21 blindly playing the piano
27:23 a level, a seat, a doorhandle: making a sentence
29:36 instrumental
32:27 to get out of surroundings
33:23 the making of an instrument
33:41 coexisting and alternating
35:24 to build a cube, a stage in the building
38:04 instrumental
39:52 five dollar smiles
43:56 while it’s at the same time actively a part of it
49:52 outro










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