About the dreamy night before a Monday and the undressing before going to bed, but accidentally getting my socks off as the last item.

Pants off, socks off
We could remind the time
Time off, watch on
Way straight, thoughts bent
Text ‘ON’ to 4 times 4
I would be a lobster, if I were an animal
Fertile, blue blood, a hundred years
Fingers sharp, scissors scissors scissors
Cut cut cut, this was your ticket
Conductor has no more money
I would be a poet, if I were a writer
Give me a party and I’ll stay there
Not like here, there there nothing
In my head, I can see
Tomorrow Monday, tonight the sun
If I were a week, then I would begin
Years, months, what do you want to be?
Leap year, one day would be nice
A day with you, is quite okay
Rosé, breadsticks, soap opera on the TV
Underneath the blanket with you

I would be a soap, if I were a show

performance with loloisaboy in WORM, Rotterdam(NL)
photo: Berksun Çiçek