Beep beep

- Hello?
- Hey this is Anouk.
- Hello!
- Ehh.. I was wondering wether you could remember the time I went to you after we broke up to get my stuff and I brought those four beers.
- Hm hm
- Did I tell you what happened in the subway that evening?
- What did you say.. you told me what?
- Did I tell you what happened in the subway that evening?
- On that same day?
- Yes, when I was on my way to you.
- I really can't remember.
- Well I had those four beers in my bag and then I was...
- What did you have in your bag?
- I had four beers in my bag. Because we...
- Hm hm
- Well then I was writing someone a text saying 'I'm in the subway now and I have four beers in my bag.'
- Yes.
- And on that very moment that I was writing four, the man sitting across me shouted "BINGO!"
- Bingo?
- Yes! But then I panicked, because I thought maybe that man is able to read minds and he is playing a kind of bingo-game in his head.
- ...
- Or, I don't know, I thought maybe this is a prank... or in any case I didn't trust him.
- You're joking right? Because you haven't told me.
- No, I'm not joking! This really happened.
- Really?
- Yes!
- Oh.
- But I found it so strange and creepy you know, because why would somebody just shout out bingo?
- Yes, that's really strange.
- Who plays bingo anyways?

- Excuse me?
- Who plays bingo anyways?
- Yes, and especially in the subway.
- Yes, but I thought I had told you because normally when I experience something like that I'll immediately tell it.
- I know. But no you didn't tell me. I'm certain.
- Ok, maybe it didn't make such an impression on me then.
- Yes or maybe you had other things on your mind once you got here.
- Yes exactly.
- Yes hm.
- Are you studying?
- Eh.. Well I actually should start studying. It hasn't been a productive day.
- Oh.
- But what was the experiment?




Die woorden moeten uit iemand gekomen zijn, vervolgens getypt en wellicht ook opgeslagen. Daarna uitgeprint, maar toch in de papierbak beland. De papierafval-bak staat gelijk aan de kladpapier- bak in het kantoor. Dus uiteindelijk toen iemand een kladpapiertje nodig had, noem ‘iemand’ mij of noem ‘iemand’ iemand anders, werd deze eruit gepakt. En iemand werd geraakt door deze al dan niet per ongeluke poëzie. Was het verkeerd uitgeprint en vlak daarna weggegooid? Of juist uitgeprint, maar door iemand anders weggegooid? Of was het een kreet om aandacht?